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Welcome to the Echoes Website.

Echoes is home of original progressive rock music written by myself, Derek Cook, keyboards and guitar from Carreg Ddu and formerly keyboards of Pure Floyd.

I hope you enjoy the songs in our music player.

The songs are currently studio demos that I have played keyboards and guitar on and programmed bass and drums to get them into shape before seeking the collaboration of other musicians. I will be starting that musician search soon. If you are a musician in the West Wales area and would like to discuss being a part of Echoes then get in touch.

The intent then is to get Echoes gig ready, initially playing a mix of both classic progressive cover songs and originals; with the longer term aim once we are established on the gig scene of doing all original sets as well.

If you're a fan of progressive/classic rock music, who would love us to gig in a venue near you, then please contact us as well.

The genesis of Echoes goes all the way back to 2006, and for many reasons the incubation period of this music has been far longer than ever intended! Our About page gives the historic details. With the current renaissance in progressive music (I think we are living in a second golden age of progressive rock!), the time is now more right than ever to do something with this music. Heres to the future!